When bad things happen to good people….

It was a Sunday afternoon at 3:15 p.m.  The day was wonderful.  Outside, the sun was shining, the birds were singing, little critters were roaming around for food, people were walking their dogs.  It was a happy day.

Then it happened.

At 3:16 p.m., she went inside to take a quick look at her email before heading off to a music concert.  A little box was showing on the computer that was asking for an email password.  That was odd.  Typing in the password, the box popped up again.  Then came the error message:  “server not found”.

“Oh well,” she thought to herself.  “That’s happened before. I’ll just check to see if my website is up.”

She typed the URL into her browser and up popped the 404 error.  “Hmmm, 404 means not found.  I wonder if the server needs a reboot.  Let me check my other domains.”

She started typing URLs of her other domains.  One after the other, they all showed the same thing.  A sinking, scary knot began to form in the pit of her stomach.  “Don’t panic,” she thought to herself.  “It’s probably nothing.”

Carefully dialing the phone, she reached tech support quickly.  “Something is wrong with my server.  Can you help?”

“Yes of course,” came the reply.

After a few harrowing minutes of waiting, the agent came back on the phone.  “You’re getting the error message because there’s no data on the server,” he said quietly.

“Um, it was there yesterday, but I’m sure there’s a backup” she said calmly, her mind racing to learn what had happened.

After a few minutes more, the agent came back on the line “I’m sorry, but there is no backup.  Your files have been skipped.”   It took a few minutes to sink in – she had just lost ALL of her online work – many years worth – and there was no backup.

That woman is me and it happened.  Two days ago.  Now, you might be thinking “oh my gosh, that’s HORRIBLE! What are you going to do?”  And “I wonder if I have MY stuff backed up? ”

What did I do?  I took a step back.  Considered not why this happened, but why NOW this happened.  And then it hit me.

We are in the middle of a huge increase in our life changing programs, and I wanted to simplify things.  Our websites had gotten messy and difficult to manage.  So we are starting over.  Of course we still have the source documents, videos and materials on another server.  Our signature Success IQ test was just reprogrammed and backed up onto yet another computer.  Our quiz, free giveaways, graphics are stored on yet another computer.

Crazy enough, it turns out we have everything we need to continue seamlessly with the new without having to untangle the old.


So I have to ask you today, what “gifts” in the form of disaster and loss, are you experiencing today?  Maybe you’re mourning the loss of a loved one, a pet, a relationship, a business, a partnership – whatever it is know this:  even though you may not be able to see the reason for yourself, others can immediately see the reason and help you get clarity as to why things are happening in your life.

Then it’s time to pick yourself up and keep going – action ALWAYS trumps fear.

Hey, I’ve had my share of bad days too (yesterday wasn’t too much fun) but I promise, you’ll get through it.  You’ll keep going.  You’ll get better.  And things will always look up.

Accept the gifts as they come, without placing “good” or “bad” labels on them, and you’ll see there is always a wide variety of shades of gray.

If you want some help seeing those shades of gray within the good and bad, simply request a complimentary Clarity Consultation.  We’ll help you figure out what to do next in your business and life to make a bigger difference while collecting a bigger profit.  Just fill out the form here at http://www.MyClarityConsult.com

It’s your LIFE!  Live it!



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