What We Do

We keep you out of the human and cyber vulnerability danger zone.

Through my group of companies called the Holistic Security Group, we educate and consult on what we call the Frank 5 Success Intelligence Vectors that plug vulnerabilities for people, process, communication, security and focus. The following is a list of just some of the things we’ve been called to do.

File Jul 14, 9 08 28 AMBehavioral Intelligence  – Understand People:

Here we profile people to determine their preferences and how they will behave at work, in a team, in a leadership position and and at home.  Good for individuals, couples, partners, teams and executives.

Types of Profiling:

Personal Style
Entrepreneurial Style
Sales Style
Leadership Style
Values Preference
Emotional Intelligence


  • Leadership effectiveness
  • Job to applicant matching
  • Team Building and Reducing Conflict
  • Improve Sales Influence
  • Motivation and Leadership Thinking and Processing
  • Decision Making
  • Personal Development

hatCyber Intelligence – Online Security and Information Gathering

Here we do research and help people determine their online vulnerabilities.  With an emphasis on Social Engineering, we address the following areas of digital security vulnerabilities:

  • Investigation and Due Diligence (Corporate and Private)
  • Background Checks
  • Social media vulnerability
  • Penetration testing for network breach
  • Post-attack investigation (phishing, Vishing, spoofing, telephone, social engineering attacks)

gearProcess Intelligence – Improve Productivity Systems

Providing education and consulting in the area of process improvement for overall improvement in productivity. Using the Success IQ Mastery Model, we provide process strategies for:

  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Focus
  • Marketing – Lead Generation
  • Sales – Lead Conversion
  • Customer Fulfillment
  • Customer Service
  • and custom process improvement

Communication Intelligence  – Improve Influence

peopleInfluence is key in motivation, participation, relationships, sales and marketing.  Here we provide consulting to help you rewrite a more powerful communication – the type that moves people to action.

Persuasive Communication and Rewrites for:

  • Sales Scripts
  • Tag Lines
  • Email subjects (and body)
  • Book headlines, subtitles and cover copy
  • Sales Letters / Brochures
  • Media spots
  • PR sound bites

Heck, we’ve even done “love letters” and “I’m sorry” notes!

Focus Intelligence – Improve Clarity for Lifestyle Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is in our heart.  Using the Accidental Millionaire proven tools, we assist creative, lifestyle entrepreneurs in developing the clarity, strategy and focus to produce profits and do good.  Herprofits 2free_logoe we offer:

  • Help Desk Services – One Time Questions for Mentoring
  • Coaching – spot coaching, short and long term
  • Information Product Development
  • Online Strategy
  • Leadership Development


How to Work with Stephanie Personally:

I have strong relationships with my private clients, but working with me on a larger scale is simple.

People hire me 1to:

Speak live or through webinars / teleseminars
Give classes on the 5 Intelligences
Consult on the 5 Intelligences
Mentor/Coach individuals, teams and organizations in the 5 Intelligences

We also have several exclusive, affordable group coaching programs where we hand-pick participants for a right fit.  You’ll need to contact me for details

Sounds great!  What’s next?phoneconsult

To learn how we can work together and to determine the next best course of action for you:

Contact Us , Schedule a Frank Consultation, call or leave a voice mail message and we will be in touch to determine the best course of intelligent action for you.

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