What happens when you “What if?”

It was 3:30 p.m. on Sunday afternoon, and I was walking out of the movie theater with a giant knot in the pit of my stomach.  I had just seen the movie “2012”.

After going in with much anticipation and knowing that I would need to keep a strong mind to be able to stay positive in the midst of so much chaos and negativity, I was astonished to find that in my own mind, I had created a massive dose of anxiety and fear in my mind and body.   How could that be?  After all, aren’t I some kind of new thought guru that understands how thoughts can create emotion?  Don’t I have control of my own thoughts?

Apparently not.

The “what if” monster got me good.   I found myself sitting in the theater, watching the Earth destruct in 2012 and thinking:

  • What if it’s true?
  • What if there is scientific data and I have been ignoring it?
  • What if everything I’m doing is for nothing?
  • What if the belief I have about 2012 being a spiritual new world is wrong?
  • What if I don’t see my family before then?


And the biggest (and honestly most selfish) thought of all:

What if I’m not one of the survivors?

I needed to come back to the present moment and I needed to do it now.  But I couldn’t.  I decided to check it out a little more on the internet, just to calm my nerves.  Conspiracy theorists, propaganda, predictions galore.  (What was I expecting?)  My nerves got worse as I surfed.  I really wanted to stop, but I almost couldn’t.  It was kind of like picking a scab and expecting a cut to heal.  Finally, the anxiety got to a point where I couldn’t ignore it.

And I did this to MYSELF!

“Get away from the Internet”, my own voice told me.  “There is only this moment.  The future hasn’t happened.”

“Yes, I know,” I said to myself “but what if…”


Leaning back in my chair, I felt powerful just clicking the little X to close the window on my browser.  Predictions be gone.  Whatever is going to happen is going to happen (or not happen) and that’s just the way it is.   Have you ever felt anxiety over a situation and obsessed about the negative outcome?  Of course you have.  But when you come back into the present moment, set up a step by step plan and get into action, there is no “what if”.  There is only NOW.

What do you need stop worrying about and get into the present about right now?  Leave me a comment and let’s stay present together.

All is ok.



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20 thoughts on “What happens when you “What if?”

  1. This is exactly why I’m not going to go see that movie : )

    In some ways, I guess it’s a case of “ignorance is bliss.” I want to be careful about what I let into my consciousness. So I choose not to see movies like this, choose not to watch the “if it bleeds it leads” local news, and choose not to participate in things that don’t support the consciousness I want to live my life out of.

    Thanks so much for the warning! And I’m so glad you remembered to get back to the present moment!

  2. Hi Stephanie!

    I read your blog post on PINK magazine’s website. I agree with Ava. I would prefer not to see “2012” for the same reasons I didn’t care to see “The Day after Tomorrow.” Movies like these incite fear and take us out of the present moment.

    I appreciate you giving voice to the “what if” question, and then reminding us to enjoy living our lives.

    Thank you!

  3. Hi Steph! Long time since we’ve talked.

    I don’t do much posting or contributing to blogs or that sort of thing any more but I fell like doing it now so here’s my 2 cents…

    I think “what if” is very important in the process of figuring out “why” and “how”…

    If we didn’t say “what if I could reach millions of people and help them alter their lives in a powerful and profound way…” what reason would we have to even attempt to do so?

    Yes the only moment we can experience is now, but those pesky little moments from the future just keep sliding on down that conveyor belt of time…

    So “what if” in 2012 we’re all going to turn into pumpkins? What does that do? It creates energy based on our desires to either turn into a pumpkin or desires to NOT turn into a pumpkin and that energy is what gives us drive and ability to make changes in the “moment” so that we can create the future we desire.

    Nothing is static, everything is constantly in motion and changing and moving around in the Universe and in our human world, that’s what gives us the ability to sort of “create” our own future…

    We can’t really control the forces of nature or the universe but we CAN control the direction, intent, and focus of our own energy and efforts.

    So what if…?

    If the “if” is something you like than use your energy to help make that “if” happen. If the “if” is something you don’t want to see happen than use your energy to alter the outcome to the best of your ability…

    That contrast you experienced of fear ultimately led you to the point of peace. So yes, you are a “new thought master” because you are able to use all this stuff in life and direct it to leaving you in a position of peace and power.

    The “fear” is not really a bad thing. Just being paralyzed by it is…

    I need to visit you and go get some Sushi at Raw with you and Dan! 🙂

    All my love…


    • Mike! So great to hear from you. Been thinking about you lately and wondering what you’re up to. Thank you so much for your great comments and yes, please do visit soon for sushi and connection! Stephanie

  4. It’s funny… I saw the 2012 movie and chose to notice the amazing special effects and the tense action moments. I knew going into the movie what I believe about the future… and that whatever happens “just is.” That is, I’ve learned to allow whatever happens to be okay. When we resist “what is” we suffer. Whenever I notice myself worrying, going negative or fretting, I remember that I am NOT my mind. If I will “watch with interest” and observe what my mind is doing as a neutral observer… the unwanted thought disappears instantly.

  5. Garbage in, garbage out. We are what we eat. Do and observe only what is positive. Just because they make it doesn’t mean we are obliged to consume it. Just say no to anything that will weaken you,

  6. At times it can be such a challenge to stay focused on what really matters in the midst of so many messages to the contrary. Wonderful that you were conscious enough to step back and make a decision to be who you want to be, how you choose to be in this moment. I find it always helps when I ask this question of myself (“who do I want to be, how do I choose to be, in this moment?”) when I’m feeling overwhelmed or overpowered by the what if. Thanks for the insight, Stephanie!

  7. Dear Stephanie,
    2012 has been mentioned in almost every religion and in many cultures and forecasts. We do have to face the possibility that the world as we know it might be distroyed. Should that get us into a panic? No, as we never know what will happen tomorrow so why worry about what might happen in 3 years time?
    I do not think that all you do is for nothing Stephanie. You are helping people NOW – today and that is the only moment we can truly influence. You are doing great!
    Seeing your family is a matter of taking the time and doing it. My Mom just passed away and I am glad I spent a lot of time with her during her last few months. We should always make sure we are in peace with our loved ones – always. You never know when they will be gone.
    Unless we can diferenciate between fact and fiction we should avoid seeing these type of films. There are plenty of people out there making big money from the disasters befalling the earth and its inhabitants.

    With much respect and love – keep at it Stephanie

  8. Hi Stephanie,
    Thankyou for your honesty. We all have fear and we all want something to pin that fear on.The future is totally unknown. It may be full of miracles!! What if right now is a miracle. I AM alive right now. Now that Is a miracle!! Let the miracle of now be the hope that puts a smile on your face.
    Smiling and sending love to all that read this. Let the best of who we are reveal itself now and in the future

  9. Act as today is the extra 1 day get from divine will make me feel gratitude.

    Do what ever considered as most important things to do in my life within each & everyday start from “NOW”. What is going to be happened tomorrow will happen. Encourage people & own self to do more environmental friendly works to protect our lovely & the only earth.

    As long as i have do whatever most important things in my life “NOW”. 3 years later, what’s going to happen, just let go & accept it. If nothing happen then, thanks to divine. Nothing will i loss if i already do the most important things in my life within these 3 years.

    Just sharing my opinion. Thanks.

  10. I too am selective about what I read. listen to, watch or people I associate with for that very reason. However, this same thing has happened before and one thing I think about it how many times in the past have my “what if’s” actually come true? I also ask myself this question; How does thinking this thought make me feel? If it makes me feel bad or negative then I immediately replace it with a thought that makes me feel good. I also hear the little voice and thank it for sharing (just like a nosy neighbor) and if it comes back I inform it that it isn’t welcome inside my head and it needs to leave and not ever come back. If that doesn’t work then I take that whacker and knock that little voice off my shouder and tell it to find another mind to harrass!!! Taylor

  11. Stephanie, it’s possible to have confidence now about whatever is in the future! Discovering I John 5:13 at summer camp in Virginia when I was 15 years old was the greatest relief of my life. Like warm water washing over my heart, I realized I could know that I would go to heaven someday. (“These things have I written unto you that believe on the name of the Son of God; that ye may know that ye have eternal life…”)
    Jesus said that the thief (Satan) comes to steal, kill, and destroy, but that Jesus came that we might have life, and have it more abundantly. (John 10:10) His resurrection that we celebrate at Easter is our assurance that His sacrifice for our sins is sufficient to guarantee new life for us both now in the present…and also for eternity!

  12. LMAO!!! I felt the same way when I saw the Excorcist for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd AND 4th time!!

    While viewing a movie through tightly pressed fingers against my face is not my idea of fun, I simply couldn’t stop myself from looking on in terror. While I won’t recapture the tale of dread, the thought process remains the same.

    It’s not happening now, its not happpening to me, its not happening! God help me I have my fair share of deep study into all this 2012 —stuff.. I can agree with you & most of the ppl here.

    Focusing on right now is all important and brings the difference of what is to be. Always know, Mind Is The Builder, Spirit Is The Life, Physical is The Result.
    If nothing else, after 2012, will be a time when people from all over will say… “Remember 2012?”

    nuff said..

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