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Cyber Vulnerability Score

Scammed. Conned. Swindled.

Nobody wants that.

While computer "hacks" are all over the news, the truth is this:

According to IBM "95% of all computer breaches are due to human error."

In this short test, we will help you determine your human vulnerability leaks and how to plug them so you are less susceptible to email, phone, online or in-person manipulation. 

Ready?  Let's begin:

When it comes to others, I believe: (choose one)

Which statement(s) is/are true for you? (choose all that apply)

In my daily work and life, I am: (choose one)

I tend to be a "helper" - a person who is smart, kind and sees the bright side of things.

I make my decisions rationally and logically based on detail and facts. (choose one)

Watch the short (30 second) video below.  It is two basketball teams bouncing a basketball.  How many times does the white team bounce the ball? (choose one)

I am goal oriented, driven and strategic.

Almost There.... Keep Going!

When it comes to social media, I: (choose one)

My general intelligence level is: (choose one)

When it comes to routine, I: (choose one)

One More...

In my interpersonal communication, I: (choose all that apply)

Last thing: My work is: (choose one)

You're Done!

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