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This is my personal blog and my personal greeting to you.

Here I write about accelerating productivity, success and online safety, along with the ups and downs of being human and an entrepreneurial / creative.

I am a writer a heart. I write for Inc. magazine, Medium and lots of other places, including this blog. I’m the author of the 3x International Best Seller The “Accidental” Millionaire, (the personal story of building my 8 figure tech company) and have traveled the world solving human and cyber connection problems. I’ve spoken in big rooms and boardrooms.

My company, The Holisec Group, is dedicated to helping you be People Smart, Business Strong and Cyber Safe.  We have 3 divisions:  Success IQ, Business IQ and Cyber IQ.  If you see something you like, feel free to contact me here, find me on social media (see below) or find some interesting posts on the blog.

But mostly, I’m just a dog and yoga-loving girl who wants everyone to be happy, successful and safe.  (Hey, I can dream…)

Thanks again for stopping by.   I hope we get to connect again soon.

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