The emotion isn’t important… or is it?

Twenty years ago, I was mad.  Angry.  Trying to get ahead.  Pushing it.  Using all of my mental powers to build my business, enhance my career and working hard just to get a little bit ahead.  I was running a $5 million business at the time, and I didn’t have the luxury to stop and ask for help with my emotions.  They weren’t important…

…or so I thought.

But I had a problem I didn’t know how to deal with, and it required some help.

So like any Alpha, strong willed entrepreneur, I decided to deal with it head on.  I called a local psychologist and made an appointment.  Walked into the office on the day and time of my appointment and said “I’ve got a problem and I need to get past this emotional crap.  I give it 30 days and then I need to move on.”

Well bless her heart, because that woman introduced me to what has become the most important part of myself – my emotional body – and showed me not only how to get in touch with my emotions, but how to use them to my advantage.  To become more compassionate for other people, to “have a heart” so to speak.  In time, I learned that being all up in my head wasn’t working, and I slowly but surely learned to follow my heart and balance out the two.

A little strange for a hard-driving computer geek like me, but I decided to give it a try.

Three years later, I asked that same psychologist, “When does this end?”  She laughed gently and replied “The ladder has a neverending set of rungs.  This is lifetime work.”  Honestly, I didn’t understand it at the time – I didn’t want to commit to a lifetime of internal personal work – I wanted results NOW!  It frustrated me because I was used to DOING stuff, not BEING in the moment.  (and in the emotion)

Today, I am a very emotionally balanced, happy human being.  My business is thriving as I help others to build theirs.  Other hard driving Alpha types call me every day to begin the journey that I started.   Except today, I have shortcuts and lots of systems to help people get happier even faster than ever before (thanks to my computer and systemic patterning training for that!)

I’ve studied with masters of practical application of applied psychology, persuasion, linguistics, cognitive psychology and happiness.  Wow, what a transformation from computer geek to behaviorist.  But to me its all just patterns and systems.  People have patterns just like computers have patterns.  We just need a little reprogramming or upgrading from time to time…

So if you’re one of those Alpha types who thinks you are making decisions logically, without emotion, think again.  All decisions have emotion attached to them.  If you’re ready to figure out how to harness that, give me a call.  Your business (and life) will explode into new realms, and I promise, even though the ride is rocky, it’s blissful and stable on the other side.  Think you can stand the challenge?  (I bet you can…)

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