Scammed. Conned. Swindled. Overwhelmed. Confused. Violated. Suspicious. Devastated. Disillusioned. Broke. Frustrated. Disorganized. Defeated. Hopeless. Stuck.


You’re vulnerable.

And you or your company could be next.

Because you must deal with people to live, (and who doesn’t),  you need to live smart in today’s world to prevent loss and psychological or technological damage – the kind of loss that costs you big in time, money, focus and stress.

For many, it looks like this.

  • The outwardly successful CEO who is concerned about or is in the midst of damage control from outsiders or insiders stealing from his/her company.
  • The mildly successful professional with no time for family or friends.
  • The creative business owner trying to “make it” as an entrepreneur and overwhelmed by fast growth.
  • The bewildered individual who has lost his/her physical or self-identity as part of a confidence scheme.
  • The HR and Sales professionals that must work with people and have little or no profiling or persuasion skills to build rapport and match people to jobs.
  • The always hopeful partner who hopes for the best in their relationship-and never seems to come out on top.



In short. They are vulnerable to loss – personally, professionally, technologically, psychologically and physically.

Maybe “They” are “You”.

Yep that’s me.  Now what?

Whether you are the creative entrepreneur, the successful executive, the transitioning professional or the hopeful individual, you must deal with vulnerabilities – human and technological – to get more of what you want at work and at home.

There are 5 areas of vulnerability that everyone must address:

  1. People (Misunderstanding people and motivation)
  2. Process (Lack of Systems)
  3. Communication (Lack of understanding)
  4. Security (Online – Loss of data and personal identity)
  5. Focus (Lack of direction, distraction)


Left unaddressed, these vulnerabilities will suck up your time, cost money, make you lose focus and magnify your stress.

Here’s the truth:

  • The divorce rate is 58%.
  • Depression is projected to be the #2 killer by 2020
  • 40% of people have an addiction problem
  • 60+ hour workweeks are normal
  • 1 in 5 employed adults is a domestic violence victim
  • 95% of corporate security directors identify the human factor (lack of prevention knowledge and distraction from issues at home) as the biggest security hazard
  • Over half of Internet users get at least 1 phishing email per day.
  • Email fraud has up to a 45% conversion rate.
  • Lack of productivity costs $300 billion annually
  • Phishing attacks cost $4.5 billion in 2014 alone

With all this going on, it’s no wonder that profits are down, conflicts are high, suspicion is on the rise, disorganization and distraction is rampant and security is fading.

You worry.

And then you do something about it.

Hi!  I’m Stephanie Frank.  Welcome to the world of Stephanie Frank Worldwide – where we teach the Frank 5 Success Intelligence Strategies, Systems, Shortcuts and Hacks that plug vulnerability leaks and improve intelligence in behavior, influence, process, communication and focus – at home, at work and in your relationships.

We have one mission – Plug the Vulnerability Leaks to Give you ALOT More Time, Money and Focus and ALOT Less Stress.

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