The 5 Step Routine of Consistently Successful People

Letting go is hard.


Originally published on Suddenly, a series of events happen that take you off track. You’re lost, stressed, alone and bored. Sometimes for years. Sometimes forever. Entrepreneurs have a burning desire to get to the next level, and it’s not just a money level. When you grow your bank account, you must grow as a leader.

Want to make a solid impression? Include These 5 Things In Your Elevator Speech

Answering “What do you do?" properly can dramatically improve how people perceive you and your business.


Originally published on Most people answer with, “I’m a lawyer,” ‘I’m a plumber,” or some other label. It’s a perfectly correct answer, but what if you knew that the simple answer you give could make the difference between being remembered and referred or forgotten immediately?

Here are 6 Ways to Organize Your Tasks (Without Buying Any New Gadgets or Gimmicks)

Using themes and grouping tasks will help train your brain to be productive

Productivity and Organization

Originally published on You are frustrated because you didn’t get enough done. You are not alone. The lack of time (and lack of time management) is an epidemic and a virus eating away at your productivity.

Want More Time, Money or the Perfect Partner? Here are 6 Steps to Help You Get It

Attracting anything you want requires clarity, openness and trust.

Law of Attraction

Originally published on Sitting on the couch waiting for a million dollars to fall in your lap? That probably won’t work. Want to make your dream a reality? Yes, absolutely. But, how — that’s the question. You aren’t born with all the answers to achieving what you want in life. Most people don’t even […]

The 5 Step Game Plan to Sell Your Products Without Selling Your Soul

Move a prospect from stranger to supporter to customer without gimmicks, manipulation or hype.

Sell Your Products

Originally published on If you are like many business owners, the idea of changing someone’s life and solving a problem because of your product, service or idea keeps you going. Day after day, you perfect it, knowing that someday, someone will come along, love you, your product or service, and see the brilliance for […]

3 Keys to Making the Right Decision Every Time

Making choices based on your own personal values will keep you healthy, happy and productive.

Making a decision

Originally published on Changing jobs. Buying or selling a house. Getting married or divorced. Of course these are huge life decisions requiring thought, planning and effort. So you gather information, ponder, ask for advice and consider the options, hoping for the best.