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Welcome.  I’m Stephanie Frank, International Best Selling Author, Behavioral / Social Engineering Expert and Resilience Advocate.

I help people and companies accelerate by aligning systems, abilities and authenticity to make it seem “accidental”.

I’m also an avid entrepreneur, world traveler and recognized thought leader.

I love animals, nature, food and new experiences.

Laughter is my Super Power.

And this is my blog.

Sometimes I write very specific articles on tactical ways to accelerate yourself and your career, and sometimes I write the things in my heart about tough times, bouncing back and doing good.

Whatever you find here, please enjoy and share.

My Goal In Writing This Blog

Blogs are about truth and reality, so let me be “Frank”.

It takes guts and determination, a brutally honest look into your own self, and a total commitment to succeed.  If I haven’t lost you already, keep going.

Happiness requires a willingness to take a risk, commitment and pride in who you are.  It takes an alignment of your authenticity, abilities and passions to accelerate to the point where it almost seems “Accidental”.

Resilience, Flexibility and Creativity are keys to success

Like you, I’ve had many ups and downs, highs and lows – some that were so amazing it almost didn’t seem real, and some so real I didn’t want to live through it.

Here you’ll find seriousness and silliness, laughter and love, systems and structure.  Enjoy

If anything in this blog intrigues you, touches you, warms you or angers you, I want to know.  Please comment or contact me as you like.  I’m a real person and I like to hear from you.

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Where to get more information

The content and giveaways on my blog are all free.  I do, however offer affordable paid coaching, trainings, courses and resources.  You can see them when you Work with Me or schedule a complimentary Acceleration Audit and I’ll help you discover your best next steps.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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