Slow down to speed up

Just finished watching the movie Peaceful Warrior.  (If you haven’t seen it, go grab a copy at the DVD store.  It’s one you’ll want to see more than once).

In the movie, Dan, the main character, has a very busy life. He’s a young college student and athlete, bound for the Olympics, he trains hard, plays hard and gets good grades.  A certain feeling of uneasiness comes over him about his life, something he’s never had before.  He seeks the counsel of a wise elder who begins to show him the way.

At one point in the movie, they agree to meet at a bridge overlooking a shallow creek at the college for a lesson.  Dan, in his hurried world, totally forgets that he also has an athletic tryout at the same time he agreed to meet his mentor.  He tells his friend to hold a spot for him at the gym, and sprints to the bridge.  He catches up with his mentor Soc (short for Socrates) who is leaning on the bridge railing, quietly observing nature.

“Soc, I’m sorry,” Dan blurts out “I completely forgot I have tryouts in a few minutes.  Can we make this quick?”

“Sure,” says Soc.

And he throws Dan over the bridge, into the water.

“WHAAAAAAA!” yells Dan, as he jumps up, soaking wet.  “What did you do THAT for?”

“When you were falling, what were you thinking of?”  Soc said quietly.

Dan stared blankly, unable to answer.

“NOTHING” said Soc.  “You were totally in this moment.  You weren’t thinking of the tryout, you weren’t thinking of school you weren’t thinking about anything except what you were experiencing, right here, right now.  Slow down.  Be present.  Look at everything going on around you.”

“There’s nothing going on,” said Dan as he observed the people in the park.

“Look closer” said Soc.

Soon Dan began to notice things.  Little things at first.  The lovers smiling and kissing.  The dog grabbing a ball.  Then, as he got into the moment, he began to notice true beauty around him.  The leaves on the trees.  The sound of the wind blowing.  Laughter, insects and even the sound of the water running in the creek.

Slowing down is an important part of speeding up.  Do you spend time in observation, totally in silence, or are you racing through life trying to reach a destination?

My plan for this year is to slow down to speed up.  Huge things are happening for me that I’ll share in other posts, and in order to receive those huge gifts (and realize my dreams), slowing down must happen.  I’m even going to show you how if you join me in the upcoming 2-Day Tuneup Retreat.  It’s our signature event for 2010 and I know you’re going to love it.

So what do you think could happen for you if you slowed down a little bit?

Leave me a comment and let me know.

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24 thoughts on “Slow down to speed up

  1. When one slows down, it is a time to tune up! We cannot have a mountain without a valley nor a shoot without a root!

    One who does not slow down, cannot recoup and slowly deteriorates, a guaranteed route towards becoming outdated.

    We all need serviced cars on smooth roads similarly, we need to service ourselves to surge ahead.

    Atomic service leads to Cosmic search

    All the best!

  2. Steph
    Thanks for the post… as I read this I’m leaving for my uncles funeral…. a quit gentle man who was a servant leader before it was in vogue….

    I hope to someday afford your mastermind group. I’m struggling to ressurrect my busienss and reinvent myself….

    Keep flying Step and hope we can “Soar Again in 2010”

  3. When we allow our mind to slow down we can be at peace no matter what situation we are in. We just experience life as it is, in the moment, without any judgement or trying to change it.

  4. Something like….INNER MEDITATION.
    Be at peace….in this hurried world.
    Enjoy the serenity…tranquility of the MOMENT.
    SIM Consulting Inc.
    ~Self Mastery-Competitive Edge Innovations~

  5. Stephanie,

    Thank you for the wonderful reminder. I try to remain in the calm of this moment, but in the hussle and bussel of life and society that can be a difficut challenge. When I feel the pressure I like to grab my camera and photograph my surroundings. This seems to help me come back to the moment. Wonderful post and I look forward to watching Peaceful Warrior!

    Best wishes,

  6. I have been feeling sluggish and out of sorts lately whenever I try to work on my business goals…and I think the antidote is indeed to spend more time in the present moment in order to refresh and recharge. Thanks for the much needed reminder, Stephanie.

  7. That is great news. I have been doing it for last many years. As a result, my productivity has been stable. I can decide to change my output as and when I want.

  8. Hi Stephanie, I really enjoy your information.

    I have been going through breast cancer this year and it has forced me to slow down, which I had forgotten to do… And my busyness was mostly in my head. The gifts in slowing down are enormous. Everything looks and feel different and I find creativity simply happens without any struggle. Thanks

  9. Beautiful post Stephanie. Thanks for writing so clearly about The Power of Now. Many try to explain it and few achieve to be well understood. Be sensitive to the air coming and going out from your body and to the physical sensations of your body trying not thinking in anything helps.

  10. I am laughing as I use the movie clip of that exact scene in a presentation and a video I have to help prospects and clients “get it” using humor. Fabulous tool humor.

    Everyday I remind myself to BREATH in BREATH out and it helps me to slow my mind and my heart so I can be at one with the present. Thanks for the reminder.


  11. On 6/25 of this year I underwent by-pass surgery. Quite unexpected but literally life-saving. I had four arteries with some blockage that never showed up on any treadmill test I’ve done in the last four years. I had one blockage that we were monitoring. My instincts made me ask for a “look” with a heart Cat…..found 5 arteries blocked.

    Yes, I’ve slowed down and will make dramatic changes in 2010 regarding my business and personal agenda.

    I’m also saddened by Jim Rohn’s death. He made a trememdous impact on my life as he has millions across the globe. Remember him in your prayers.

  12. Hi Stefanie

    Thanks for the newsletter about Jim Rohn passing away and the dedication. When I started my network marketing business 4 years ago, I was blocked by a poverty consciousness I wasn’t even aware of. My sponsor “fed” me Jim Rohn’s work until I was able to identify my “money” and “prosperity” blockages and set concrete goals to undo them. It still took me 3 years though to do anything with my business and in the interim, I got distracted by so many things that do not serve my purpose that I ended up this year with 9 revenue streams that were not generating much income and forced me to wear too many hats.

    I will forever be grateful to Jim Rohn for hsi response to a client who attended one of his semianrs on sowing and reaping:

    “Sometimes when you sow a see, it gets eaten by the birds or blown away by the wind.. that’s just not fair; I want to know why some seeds that you sow don’t produce a harvest”

    “Son”, Jim Rohn replied ” That is one class I would nevr sign up for”!

    Jim Rohn’s work taught me not to sign up for things that don’t serve my purpose. When we do this, we misdirect our energy into things that keep us always busy, always expeding energy but never getting anywhere.

    Last month I didn’t just slow down. I decided for once in my life to stop running and just stop, to take time to just be and appreciate everything I already have. I was amazed by the things that came to awareness and in that one month I was able to complete the manuscript for a book I have been struggling with for 2 years.

    Blessings for a “slow” Christmas season that helps you to speed up your misssion and purpose in the New Year.


  13. Hi Stephanie~Peaceful Warrior is one of my all time favorite movies. As the world increases it’s speed and distractions abound I am constantly at work to do less and accomplish more. I am finding it is a definite practice meaning I have to keep practicing, I make mistakes often and then I am redirecting myself to get back on track. Always relieved to do less and accomplish more. Thank you for your great wisdom and inspiration!

  14. Slowing down, and being in today, even in just a moment of today allows one to perceive even the smallest success or joy!

    This minute moment of being present allows you or I to draw from each joy or success and energize our enthusiasm and our gratitude!

    Thanks Stephanie, and may all our moments this season be blessed!

  15. Will put the “Peaceful Warrior” on my Xmas holiday “must see” list. Thanks for sharing – here’s a similar insight I read often that hit me so hard I posted the words in my home office where I see them every day (from Mike Dooley’s daily “notes from the Universe” which are FREE at, and totally amazing!!) – your message reminded me again to SLOW down to SPEED up..
    Have you noticed that the more you hurry, the slower you go?
    The more you wait, the longer it takes? The more you worry, the less you dream?
    But the more you live, love, and laugh, the more you live love, and laugh.

    I am in a constant state of juggling & it’s the intentional quiet time, and getting present when things are crazy that keep me flowing forward, and staying happy.