Quit it!

I’m on a bit of a rant todayso bear with me. 

I just sat for two days consulting and coaching with a VIP client.
A solo entrepreneur who’s smart, gifted, and has
a whole lot to offer the world.  We were working through
getting her message clear to her intended audience.
Once she got clear (and breathed a huge sigh of relief at
being able to articulate her value) we got to work on her
product offerings.  Piece of cake when you’re clear.
Next, we went to work on the her plan for her next six
months (my clients get an actual checklist 
so there’s no question
about what needs to be done when you get back to work.)
This is where it got interesting.  One of the items on the checklist
(of course) is drive traffic to website.  Marketing stuff. 
“Okay,” she said.  “Here’s what I’ve been told to do.  SEO. I’ll also need a blog.
Then I have to write articles and press releases.  Participate in social media like
Twitter and Facebook.  Oh, I’ve also been told I need to write newsletters and…”
“STOP!” I interrupted her.  “Who told you that?”  I asked.
“My marketing consultant.  
So what’s first?”  Her frustrated look said it all.
She hated this.
She was an expert in human beings trying to be an internet marketer.
“What do you want to be expert in?”  I asked quietly.
“I am expert in helping athletes win more.” 
“Then WHY are you studying every internet traffic system known to man

and not studying how you can help atheletes win more?

You don’t have to do it yourself.  In fact, for a fraction of what you’ve paid 
or all those how to traffic courses and internet
marketing stuff, you could have had it done FOR you.”
“You mean….there’s another way?”  she asked hopefully.
“Absolutely”  I said confidently.  “I’ll show you.”
I wonder what would happen in your life and in your business if you
finally stopped the struggle and started doing things differently.  Sure,
it might feel weird at first (because you have to ask for help) but the
answers are out there.
I promise.
I’m just sick and tired of hearing about creative, smart and gifted
people like you sitting stuck behind their computers trying to figure out this
internet stuff.  (I know because I’ve been there myself and I purposefully
stepped out of learning internet to study being a better performance
coach for people in business – pretty smart, huh?).
You’re wasting time, energy and money (big time) and there
is a different way.  (It’s the things those big internet marketers don’t tell
you about how they really get things done that really gets 
me going.)
There are probably other areas you could think differently about in
your business too.  Like how do you answer the “What do you do?”
question?  Or what value do you provide?   And to whom?
If you’re looking for answers to these kinds of questions, I will
joyfully help you.  I have a gift to get things into systems, and
the clarity you get when you have a clear direction and plan is
like how you felt when you were a kid riding your first bike –
hair blowing in the wind and a huge smile on your face.  Remember?
Of course, we’ll need to talk to discuss your unique situation.
Go here to set up a consultation:  
No pressure, no obligation.  And only if you’re finally ready to get some help.

To your success,



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4 thoughts on “Quit it!

  1. Stephanie:
    You are always on mesage — and with a message that is always on target.
    I love your common sense advice about focusing on the things you do best, and finding other people to help you with the things you don’t do well, or don’t enjoy doing.
    Tim Ferriss has nothing on you.
    All the best,
    Bud Bilanich
    The Common Sense Guy