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Before you can even think about finding the right model or developing the perfect plan, you have to have a clear, compelling message, directed to the right people, at the right time.

What does that mean?

It means that you clearly communicate the value of your product.

It means you answer the compelling questions:

  • What is the problem your product is the solution for?
  • Why should I listen to you?
  • Why should I buy it?

If your message doesn’t clearly communicate compelling answers to these questions, your prospect will move one.

If you answer these questions, and several more, your prospects will become your customers.

It’s as simple as that, but not easy.

Need Help?

I’m offering a dynamic 6-module training program  where I walk you through, step-by-step, the process of crafting a compelling message, identifying your ideal market, and communicating the benefits.

What You’ll learn:

Week 1 – Crafting a Compelling Message

  • How to create a message that immediately resonates with your ideal clients…
  • The Good, Bad and Ugly of “Pitches…”
  • What NOT to say to potential prospects (this is crucial)…
  • Discover how your unique experience catapults you ahead of the competition…

Week 2 – Identifying Your Perfect Market

  • Myth of picking a niche
  • Why you don’t want to work with everyone
  • How to find your prospects
  • Why you must create a Client Avatar

Week 3 – FAST Product Creation

  • How to finish that product that’s been languishing for months (or years)
  • How to create a product (start to finish) in 7 days
  • How to become prolific and crank out products at will

During the training, I will share with you the process I have used to sell millions of dollars of products….and helped hundreds of others do the same.

Who Should Sign Up…

You should sign up if:

  • You have a product, and you want to make sure you have a compelling message that resonates with your prospects (if you’re not selling many, you should definitely sign up)
  • You DONT have a product (by learning about compelling messages, you’ll know exactly what to create that will immediately resonate with those you want to help)
  • Any speaker, author, or coach who has been struggling. Chances are you don’t have a compelling message that is causing people to want to work with you.

What do I get?

When you sign up for the training, you’ll be registered for the training, and:

  • Get my “Info Product Wealth” training for free ($497 value)
  • Get a Free copy of my bestselling book “Accidental Millionaire” which showcases the mindset and methods needed to master yourself, your behaviors and your work(digital download)
  • Over 30 downloadable tools and checklists to support the system. (A $1,574 Value)

Training Details:

Date: Thursday, August 2nd, 2012
Time: 8:00 p.m. Eastern / 5:00 p.m. Pacific
Duration: 60 minutes + questions
Recording: Yes, it will be recorded and available to download
Registration: $97 (normally $297)

Chances are, if you’re not attracting the amount of sales that you want, it starts with having a compelling message.

It’s the difference between attracting wealth to you…or pushing it away.

Join me on this exciting webinar and go through the steps. You’ll walk away with a compelling message that will immediately resonate with your audience…and increase your sales.

‘See you on the training!’

I believe in You!


PS – Like I said, whether you have a product, idea or no idea, this webinar helps you create (or revise) your message to make sure you’re saying the right thing, to the right group, at the right time.


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