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What can leaders learn about peak performance from this former computer hacker who has worked with some of the world’s largest organizations to simplify their people systems and provide proven, predictable results? – Plenty!

When you have performance trouble in your life, you need Stephanie Frank to cut through complexity and get to the source – FAST!

In demand behavior expert Stephanie Frank is the fresh new voice of personal success, productivity, effectiveness and peak performance best practices. She is an internationally recognized Master NLP coach/practitioner, hypnotist, speaker and author and trained in Positive Psychology. An experienced problem solver, she has achieved over 15 high-level network engineering certifications, including Novell’s Master CNE and CNI, Cisco Protocol Analyst, Microsoft’s MCP, MCT and MCSE, and the coveted Level II Protocol Analyst. She is also certified as a Master Coach, Master NLP Practitioner and Positive Psychology. She is the author of the best-selling book, The Accidental Millionaire.

A lifelong entrepreneur, Stephanie started her first business in high tech at the age of 19, growing the company to multi-millions. Her second startup, also in high tech, was grossing millions per year before she sold it to her partners in 2000 to turn her sights to solving human performance problems instead of computer performance problems. She soon found that by applying her finely honed computer troubleshooting skills she could help people persuade themselves to create behavioral change quickly, with lasting effect, in a few steps and with less effort than ever before.

Why people, productivity and human potential?

During her career advancement in the IT world, Stephanie noticed increasing levels of stress, depression, anxiety and passionless existence in her clients’ employees and at all levels of management. While their computer problems were solved, Stephanie felt she could do more.

Then, 2 weeks after a well-deserved retirement that he had been anticipating for 10 years, Larry, a favorite client (a local police detective) died raking leaves in his backyard.

His wife called and told Stephanie “Larry had never been happier than he was in the last two weeks.”

The police force dressed in full regalia for his funeral.

There was a parade with police lights, sirens and a 12 gun salute.

Tears flowed freely for the loss of their co-worker, friend, father and dad.

And that day Stephanie made the life-changing choice to persuade people to achieve their potential. She hasn’t looked back.

Pressure on people has steadily increased over the years.

Here’s the truth about people today:

  • The divorce rate is 58%.
  • Bankruptcy and foreclosure is at an all time high.
  • Depression is projected to be the #2 killer by 2020
  • Professionals estimate that 40% of people have an addiction problem
  • 60+ hour workweeks have become normal
  • America consumes 60% of all illegal drugs in the world
  • Lack of productivity costs U.S. companies $300 billion annually

It’s no wonder the profits are down, conflicts are high and customer retention is fading. It makes sense (in a weird sort of way) that anxiety, failed relationships and early death have become normal.

Putting it all together for performance success

Stephanie combines her unique technology troubleshooting skills and experience to human performance and business systems to accelerate success – fast! Her simple formulas for predictable success in business and in life demonstrates a real world example of the true power of simplicity in this world of chaos. She has helped athletes master their game, executives master their relationships, entrepreneurs master time and most importantly, has helped all of her clients master their own thoughts, beliefs and emotions.

Stephanie’s consulting, coaching and speaking style is dynamic, inspirational, educational, and devoid of useless theory. She captivates audiences with her own brand of humor and first-hand experiences, and opens their eyes to the daily mistakes they are making that sabotage their success. She helps people see how they can turn overwhelm into overdrive, challenge into choice, and shambles into strategy.

As she is fond of saying…

“People aren’t stupid. The systems are stupid.”

Stephanie is best known (and passionate about) being able to reduce complex success-blocking challenges to step-by-step systems while teaching people immediately implementable tactics to catapult their success to the next level.

Delegation? 5 Steps

Focus? 4 Steps

Time Mastery? 3 Steps

Effective communication? 6 Steps

Stephanie works tirelessly to be able to dissect peak performance and success principles to persuade people to achieve the highest-impact change, in the shortest amount of time, with the fewest number of steps and the least amount of effort.

Her street-smart tactics are embraced by organizations around the world, and she regularly publishes information to over 40,000 people in 84 countries. She has been seen and heard on Entrepreneur Radio, NBC Radio, Fox & Friends television, Neil Cavuto and published in dozens of publications including Personal Wealth Journal, Sales Excellence and Entrepreneur Magazine.

As one professional said after attending a live event,

“I learned more from Stephanie’s 60 minute presentation
than I did in an entire semester at a top college.”

She is a member of the National Board of Hypnotherapy and NLP, the International Positive Psychology Association and the International Association for Applied Psychology. When she is not working, she directs her passion toward her love of animals and volunteers time, energy and resources to increase their level of well being.

Stephanie Frank is a practical, lively and inspirational authority who can help you connect with your audience or staff for accelerated results and predictable success in business and life.

Stephanie is available for consulting, coaching, keynotes and breakout or custom education sessions.

Call 480-963-3590 x101 or click here to request a booking.

Stephanie is the author of these success-enhancing resources:

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