Here’s how I knew Kris would win American Idol….

If you follow American Idol, you know that this year’s battle between rockers Adam Lambert and Kris Allen was a thrilling, exciting ride.  Here you have two people with great talent, and completely opposite approaches to music.  It seemed to most that Adam was the hands-down winner.

Up until the show started, I thought so too.

Then, everything changed and I knew Kris would win.

How did I know?  There were 3 things that clinched it for  me.  All of them unconscious…all of them very telling.  You see, people often do or say things that they have no idea what kinds of clues they’re giving about their disposition.  The current new television show “Lie to Me” is based on showing how people have “micro-expressions” in their face and body language that determines whether or not they are lying.  But there are other things than body language that give away secrets.  Here’s how I knew Kris would win.

Clue #1 – Reuters Article

Reuters published an article yesterday called “American Idol winner appears too close to call”  You can read it here:  The article details how call-ins usually determine the front-runner and how predictions are made.  You didn’t even have to read the article to know who the front-runner was.  Whose picture was on the article?  Kris.   That’s clue #1.  If they really didn’t know, they would have put both pictures up there.

Clue #2 – Ryan Seacrest’s language

At the beginning of every American Idol show, Ryan introduces the contestants.  For the last few weeks, he has introduced them in this order:  Adam Lambert, Kris Allen, Danny Gokey, Allison Iraheta.  Last night he introduced them like this:  Kris Allen and Adam Lambert.  Little language clues that he already had the winner’s name.

Clue #3 – Ryan’s body language

When Ryan stood on the stage between the two contestants when they first came out at the beginning of the show, he stood between them equally, shoulder to shoulder to speak to the audience.  While talking, he quietly (and unconsciously) turned to Kris and put his hand on his shoulder.  That was clue #3.

No matter who won, I think both contestants deserve to be stars.  They have talent, charisma and fans in two completely opposite areas, and I’m sure they’ll both do very well.



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3 thoughts on “Here’s how I knew Kris would win American Idol….

  1. Hi Stephanie,
    I am not an idol fan. I have had a great week following you teams instruction. I really appreciate the non-verbal arena. I enjoyed watching people: at work, at life, in marraige as the follow their selected path.

    My focus for almost 2 weeks has been houshold/personal, and now I get to add income producing through sales and marketing.

    I am thankful and lQQk forward to your assistance and that of your team as I move forward.

    many thanks. Jim

  2. I really loved the top 5 Idol group song last night. It was sad to see Aaron Kelly eliminated but I do believe the other singers were better hence he needed to go!