The Success IQ Formula: The Insider’s 12-Step Blueprint to Achieving High Levels of Personal and Business Success

Your life. What could be more important than being happy with yourself, enjoying wonderful intimate relationships, great partnerships, and conflict-free communication? If you are not experiencing balance and calm in every area – this is first you. The Success IQ Formula is an intelligent, all-natural way to start making the changes you need to begin to create your greatest, most profitable, powerful life.

The truth is, if you don’t like the way things are, it’s up to YOU to change them. No one is going to do it for you. However, you are at a disadvantage – no one teaches these principles in school. In fact, the more education you have, the more brainwashed you have been to be compliant, follow the rules, get a job and don’t rock the boat.

Successful, happy people know something that you don’t – and this 12 step system will show you the EXACT areas you need to modify to get better and more powerful results.

Here’s how it works:

When you go through the Success IQ Formula program, you will be guided through the 12 simple success strategies successful people use to create more time, money, laughter and love in their lives.
Strategy #1 – Be On PurposeIn this step you will learn…

    • Why life feels so hard when you’re off your purpose
    • What you value (and how to figure that out if you’re not sure) and how that impacts your success
    • How to make purposeful decisions
    • And more!

Strategy #2 – Amplify Your Personal Power
In this step you will learn…

    • The energy leaks that get in the way of personal power
    • How to live congruently and aligned with your greater purpose
    • The power of gratitude in your life
    • And more!

Strategy #3 – Live Your Personal Mission
In this step you will learn…

    • How to determine your true calling
    • How to reconnect with your mission
    • How to treat obstacles so that you don’t get off purpose
    • And more!

Strategy #4 – Create a No-Limits Attitude
In this step you will learn…

  • How to eliminate the obstacles and bad habits that may be holding you back
  • How to become aware without judging
  • How to stop listening to that voice inside you – you are not your thoughts
  • And more!
Strategy #5 – Model Excellence
In this step you will learn…

  • How to copy others without the guilt
  • How to cut down your learning curve to accomplish more in less time
  • How to effectively model excellence and then create your own success
  • And more!

Strategy #6 – Achieve Your Goals
In this step you will learn…

  • How to create a strategy for achieving your goals that actually works
  • The 3 goal setting secrets that will dramatically improve your chances for success
  • How to keep moving toward your goals when obstacles get in your way
  • And more!

Strategy #7 – Optimize Your Actions
In this step you will learn…

  • How to value your own time
  • How to think less and produce more
  • How to create blocks of time so you can get more done more effectively
  • And more!

Strategy #8 – Improve Your Process
In this step you will learn…

  • How to create systems so you only do things ONCE
  • How to delegate effectively so you can concentrate on what you do best
  • Why imposing your own deadlines will improve your bottom line…every time
  • And more!
Strategy #9 – Live Your TruthIn this step you will learn…

  • How to live your truth…all the time so your life becomes effortless
  • How to protect your personal boundaries
  • How to take congruent actions so you can live your life more effortlessly
  • And more!

Strategy #10 – Create Great Relationships
In this step you will learn…

  • How to communicate what you want effectively and appropriately so both parties win
  • The 4 components of creating great relationships
  • How many bits of information your brain can actually hold and what that has to do with creating great relationships
  • And more!

Strategy #11 – Build Great Teams
In this step you will learn…

  • How to leverage your time and others to get more accomplished
  • The 4 components necessary to build a great team
  • The 6 steps to effective delegation that will change your business…and your life
  • And more!

Strategy #12 – Show Great Leadership

In this step you will learn…

  • How to discover and master your emotions more intelligently so you can become a better leader
  • How to bring out the best in you AND others so you have people lining up to follow you
  • The 4 core skills of good leaders and how you can cultivate them in yourself
  • And more!

When you decide now to create the life that you love and start putting these principles into action – no matter how far away it may seem – you will find that your health improves, your finances improve, your relationships improve and you will experience a level of calm you may have never felt before.

By choosing to create a life you love (with rewarding, passionate work that excites you):

    • Your confidence skyrockets
    • Opportunities come easily, almost effortlessly
    • You smile more
    • People like you more and want to know more about you
    • You immediately increase your income
    • You offer more value to your work than ever before
    • You offer more value to your work than ever before
    • You can approach life without fear

Get ready to step into a world where you can have more happiness than ever, achieve your deepest dreams, develop deep and fulfilling partnerships and finally have workable, simple systems and principles for your personal and professional success.

“I think the information value is TREMENDOUS! If in one of the 3 ‘regular’ jobs I had out there before I started working for myself, any of THIS was taught instead of the standard team building, management & time management training, I might just have gotten out before 7 years because I KNEW I wasn’t doing what I wanted to be doing, but I didn’t know what to do next.”

-Catherine G., Las Vegas

Now is the time for you to plan to create the lifestyle of your dreams with a roadmap to help you make your life into a passionate, purposeful, powerful and profitable existence. Sign up today for SThe Success IQ Formula: 12 Step Blueprint to Achieving High Levels of Personal and Business Success

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