MyClarityConsult – Acceleration Audit

 Too busy?  Too tired? Too overwhelmed? 


Every day, I work with established, hard working, time starved people like you who want to make more money, find more time and freedom AND be a better spouse / partner / leader/ parent without compromising your priorities or what you already have.

If you are living your life, you’ll hit plateaus. Guaranteed.  And you won’t know where to turn. 

I do.  I’ve juggled running an 8-figure business, relationship, aging parents, best selling books, ADD, health scares, travel, a need for freedom, and a dog.

Okay, 3 dogs.

I know where those plateaus are.  And I can show you too.  

  • Maybe you’re in need of communication skills as a leader.
  • Maybe you’re a good leader and can’t get past the next level.
  • Maybe every time you hit the next level, your team fails you
  • Maybe you need strategy and a plan. (or a safe place to yell)
  • Or maybe you just need a clear idea of where to go next.

In your Acceleration Audit we will:

  1. Inventory the things that are holding you back
  2. Make a personal acceleration plan and
  3. Decide on your best next steps.
  4. In 45 minutes or less.

Here are a few ways I can personally help you:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Time Management
  • Clarity, Direction and Focus
  • Leadership and Teamwork Issues
  • Hiring the Right Person / Defining Team Needs
  • Executive (lonely at the top) Issues
  • Personal Development
  • Communication Skills
  • Sales and Persuasion Skills
  • Confidence and Presenting Yourself Well
  • General Behavioral Change Issues

 Let’s Get “Frank”

You’re established, have lots to do, things going on, and you’re overwhelmed, plateaued and confused.

It was supposed to be different.

And it’s time for a change.

Why not now?

Operation Greenlight means you are ready to GO, GROW and GET more than you’ve ever had before.  And you want to do it quickly. But you don’t know where to start.

It’s no “Accident” you are here.

I know what you need.

And I know how to help you get it.

Schedule a convenient time to give me a call and we’ll explore options together. There’s no charge and no obligation so you’ve got nothing to lose.

It’s easy.  Just click here to schedule a time and we’ll figure out your best next steps.


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