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All of the training including these 7 Steps (Plus an EXTRA bonus on relationships)…

Lesson 1: Assess Your Vulnerabilities

Lesson 2: Get Smart About People

Lesson 3: Identify Scams, Cons and Swindles

Lesson 4: Know Your Digital Footprint

Lesson 5: Protect Yourself in Social Media – Facebook, Review Sites, Craigslist and More

Lesson 6: Defend your Digital Assets – Smart Phones, Computers and Data

Lesson 7: Maintain Your Fortress – Stay Up to Date

EXTRA: Dating, Relating and Stalkers, Oh My!

And here’s some more of what you will learn:

  • How to assess your online vulnerabilities – Understand where your “leaks” are so you can start building a solid defense now.
  • Exploitation tactics of hackers and scammers – how they attack people like you.
  • Understand hacker motivation – and how to spot scammers’ personality traits instantly.
  • Cyber terminology Phishing, Vishing, SMShing, Whaling, Spearing – how hackers get you and what to do about it.
  • Know what information is being spread about you online and used against you– and how to eliminate it so others can’t see it.
  • How Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Review Sites, Checkins, Craigslist, eBay and other social media is a breeding ground for scams – and how to successfully protect yourself
  • Think your bank account data and mobile device is safe? How to lock it all down and know for sure.
  • Your small business or personal website is a hacker delight – how to stop data theft and keep from losing your website, client information or private documents

Plus, you’ll get ALL of these Super Bonuses:

Your time-sensitive bonuses include…

Super Bonus #1: Forever access to the Private Digital Fortress Owners Facebook Group

You will get up to the minute information on the latest hacker, bullying and manipulation scams with exact steps on what to do to prevent it. (I get this information from VERY private sources and I will share it with you – it’s some of the same information I share with my private clients – you get it for FREE!

(A $1500 Value, Yours FREE!)

Super Bonus # 2: FREE training updates for lifeImage_0581_clipped_rev_1 (2)

Cyber Security is an ever-changing world, and as I add new modules and resources to the program, you’ll be updated automatically – all you have to do is check in with me for the latest training and security awareness in email, phone, text, social media, relationship, data theft and bullying.

(A $499/yr. Value, Yours FREE!)

Super Bonus #3: Plain talk Guide to Forgiveness

If you have been a victim of any kind of cyber crime (or any other type of bullying, manipulation, relationship challenge, death or trauma – you are in need of resilience and forgiveness. Remember I told you I’m a human hacker (okay, Behaviorist) as well as a Cyber Intelligence Investigator, and I’ve been through a LOT of trauma and am a Board Member of the National Resilience Institute.

ptgf-course-header2aLet’s get real.

No one goes through life without some upset, so I want to share with you this special program, designed by my good friend Cliff Edwards, Co-Founder of the Debbie Ford Institute. It’s called The Plain Talk guide to Forgiveness and it’s yours FREE with Digital Fortress. This program alone is a God-send when it comes to successfully navigating life’s ups and downs. It is my personal go-to strategy for staying positive, healthy and happy during the tough times.

(A $147 Value, Yours FREE!)

Super Bonus #4: VIP notification and discounts on future trainings

You put your trust in me and I appreciate that. With your purchase of Digital Fortress, you will have instant VIP status with access to advanced training, coaching and consulting at a discount as we release affordable, actionable behavioral training in the future.

(10%-90% off future training? Yours FREE!)

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