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The Collaboration Nation for The Freedom Lifestyle 


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You’re ready for Simplicity, Authenticity,
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Here’s what you can expect:

2 Brand New “10 Minute Trainings” Added to the Library each month.

Each month you will find at least 3 ways to “shortcut” success.  As a real life ethical hacker, I am constantly breaking down how to get stuff done quicker, easier and with less stress – and I’ll share it freely with you.

These Facebook trainings may be in the form of a video, audio or written training for you to follow along and take notes.

Private Facebook community and Q&A with Stephanie Frank, The “Accidental” Millionaire.

The members only community hosts 24/7 peer discussions along with a monthly Q&A event with Stephanie to help you live a better entrepreneurial success lifestyle.  Network, showcase your business, connect with others – elegantly of course.

Limited Edition, Autographed Hard Cover Copy of The “Accidental” Millionaire.

While supplies last, I will personally autograph and mail you a copy of best seller The “Accidental” Millionaire which details the ups and down, laughter, tears and leadership – as I built one of my own business in high tech.  It includes a full training system you can use in your own business and life. Today I use these same systems with my private clients to get them quickly making the right decisions – every time – and it will help you too.

Access to all archives in the Lifestyle Library.

The Library is divided into seven main topics where you can find helpful training, worksheets, planning and videos covering a wide range of sub-topics including: adopting an freedom lifestyle mindset, strategic planning, getting new clients, organization and productivity, relationships, communication, and much more.  The main topics are:

Sub-topics include:  Your personal decision making blueprint,  alignment and purpose, simplifying the now, motivation and mindset.

Sub-topics include: Time mastery, productivity, getting out of overwhelm, dealing with procrastination and making time for everything.

Sub-topics include:  Reducing frustration through process, building and documenting systems, eliminating blame and simplifying tasks.

Sub-topics include: Getting the right kinds of help, proper delegation and follow up, building a worthwhile team, collaboration, relationship and culture strategies.

Sub-topics include: Staying safe in today’s digital world, protecting your devices, online accounts, social media and websites.  Keeping safe from predators and bullies.

Sub-topics include: Expanding vision and mission, thinking bigger, communicating your vision, language/messaging, getting more clients and growth expansion.

Sub-topics include:  Packaging and selling your knowledge, determining your personal process for being an expert, leaving a legacy, creating leveraged or passive income.

Connection with like-minded peers.

Being a heart-centered entrepreneur can be lonely.  People don’t understand your passion or your desire to change the world.  They think you’re a ‘crazy risk taker’ and don’t support you.

It’s the #1 reason entrepreneurs fail, believe it or not.

The Collaboration Nation is made up of people who want to use their passion for good, help others and change the world.  You’re not weird here – you’re NORMAL!

Make friends, get answers and share ideas – it’s the only way to reach your dreams.

Annual dues are only $197
Choose a payment plan that’s right for you.

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The Collaboration VIP Bundle – Membership plus “Tiny Tuneup” for your Business or Life

Details soon.

The Collaboration Nation is our Private Facebook group for finding Clarity & The Freedom Lifestyle.  Join others seeking to find clarity and freedom in all areas of life.  Get access to training, Q&A, peer connection and VIP offerings to further the focus, simplicity, systems, growth, leadership and leverage you need to find your own personal freedom-filled life.

Ready to get total clarity, a simple plan and a smooth process to get more of what you want?  We’ll help you in the Collaboration Nation.  Led by Master Trainers and coaches from all walks of life, you’ll find strength and mentorship to grow or change the most important areas of your life.  Full year membership.

Your subscription to Collaboration Nation will renew annually automatically, based on your selected payment option.  
If you want to stop your subscription, you can do so at any time through your account or email us at  
Refunds will not be given for unused subscriptions.

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