10 Ways to Attack the Email Monster

Every day, we get questions from smart, successful, self-employed professionals who want more in their business and their lives.  Today, we attack the email monster… Janice asks: Ack! Help! What do I do with all this email? There’s only one thing I hate worse than mopping the floors … …and that’s dealing with the endless […]

Why the Law of Attraction Doesn’t Work

Dallas is a beautiful town, I think. I wouldn’t know because I’ve been in a  hotel conference boardroom with a speaker client doing a 2 Day Turnaround session to clarify her business message and clear her head. We’re knee deep in “stuff” and it’s a blast getting everything organized into a plan. Just as I […]

5 Things You Must Know About Sudden Success

These are very interesting times. The world seems to be polarized – truly feast or famine. Businesses are going under and the cries of “the economic crisis” ripple through the planet like waves ripple out when you drop a rock in the water. Fear, failure and the world’s obsession with dramatic events blanket the airwaves. It’s almost impossible to ignore.

But there’s something else going on – something nobody’s talking about.

Here’s how I knew Kris would win American Idol….

If you follow American Idol, you know that this year’s battle between rockers Adam Lambert and Kris Allen was a thrilling, exciting ride.  Here you have two people with great talent, and completely opposite approaches to music.  It seemed to most that Adam was the hands-down winner. Up until the show started, I thought so […]