Want More Time, Money or the Perfect Partner? Here are 6 Steps to Help You Get It

Attracting anything you want requires clarity, openness and trust.

Law of Attraction

Originally published on Inc.com. Sitting on the couch waiting for a million dollars to fall in your lap? That probably won’t work. Want to make your dream a reality? Yes, absolutely. But, how — that’s the question. You aren’t born with all the answers to achieving what you want in life. Most people don’t even […]

Stop wasting time!

Today was a weird day.  It started out with me being wide awake for most of the night, thoughts dancing through my head, trying to convince me that something was seriously wrong.  Sort of like the tail wagging the dog, my brain had control of my emotions and random thoughts turned into full blown stories […]

5 Things You Must Know About Sudden Success

These are very interesting times. The world seems to be polarized – truly feast or famine. Businesses are going under and the cries of “the economic crisis” ripple through the planet like waves ripple out when you drop a rock in the water. Fear, failure and the world’s obsession with dramatic events blanket the airwaves. It’s almost impossible to ignore.

But there’s something else going on – something nobody’s talking about.