Who’s in charge?

Over the years, I’ve been doing a lot more life coaching (which I absolutely LOVE) helping people over panic, anxiety, worry, fear and self-confidence challenges, along with a host of other emotional and mental challenges that keep you stuck and feeling alone.      I used to think that getting things done was all “mind over matter”, but not […]

The meaning of pain

“My neck hurts.” It was a simple statement, one that told me everything I needed to know about his life.  He literally had a “pain in the neck” situation going on at work, and it showed up as a physical pain.   When I first got my master certification in NLP and hypnosis, I was instantly […]

Stay on Target

Today’s mantra:  stay on target. Some days, you just wake up apathetic or discouraged, for what could be no reason at all.  Oh sure, there’s always some reason, but it’s probably not at all what you think.  I mean, there are so many blessings to count, so much goodness around but sometimes you just have […]

Claiming the Happy Crap

Happiness.  Yeah, big deal.  I’ll be happy when I _________________ (fill in the blank) Honestly, that’s what I used to think about happiness.  No time for that “happy crap” – got stuff to do!  And as for the people who made a living dealing with all of that emotional stuff?  Wow, what a waste of […]