Accidental Millionaire – the Next Chapter

It was a room filled with about 300 networking engineers.  True geeks, that’s for sure.  I was there in the room to deliver a training to these high-level engineers about a subject they all loved – TCP/IP.

As the training went on, I discussed protocol, troubleshooting, hacking (oh excuse me, I meant to say “breaking down patterns to achieve entry into a network”) ARP, RARP, PING and a hundred other protocols.  We talked hexadecimal and binary numbering systems, packet loss and router tables.   Exciting stuff when you’re a geeky engineer.

But something was missing.

You could see it in their eyes.

While they were excited about the material, I could just tell that there were bigger things going on for these stoic (mostly) men and women.  They were in pain.  They were dealing with big things in life – divorce, stress, fear, worry and doubt about keeping their job, staying up on technology and running their businesses and departments.

So I read them a story.

Picking up a Chicken Soup for the Soul book, I quietly read a humorous and inspirational story with as much animation as I could muster.  The message hit them squarely in the heart – without hope, there is no life.   It was that small spark of hope in their eyes  from that tiny little story that my life changed that day.

Fast forward to today.

The Accidental Millionaire is currently experiencing a new surge of activity.  Why?  People want hope, purpose and passion in their lives.  We crave it.  But we don’t know how to get it.  It’s not taught in school, and I think that’s a shame.  That’s why I wrote the book.

You are here to learn and grow, to give your gifts to the world and become the authentic, beautiful you that you are. We all are.  I’m so glad to be on the journey with you.   (Sometimes it feels more like a roller coaster though, right?)

So tell me this:  as we head into the new year, what hopes and dreams do YOU have that you are ready to fulfill?  For me, it’s a much bigger platform and I’m ready to receive that.  What are YOU ready to receive?  Leave a comment below and let’s discuss..


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  • Yes to hope, dreams, health, fulfillment, and joy. Great promotion of your book. Wishing you lots of success. Your friend: Gary Eby, author of The Eby Way on Twitter!
    Oh, and yes, I’m looking forward to our Twitter interview this Friday at 9:00A Pacific time.

  • Thank you for talk about this. Good blog post on your website. I was reading your blog post and I have bookmark your blog already.

  • Thank you, I love to read articles that are informative and beneficial in nature.

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  • A friend once told me, “it is never to late to become the person you really want to be.” The most amazing fact is that once we commit ourselves and take the first step in the right direction, life shows up for us right now as good as it gets for anyone, anywhere, ever. The payoff is not at the journey’s end. It is at the beginning of living our life commited to the passionate pursuit of ourl heart’s desire. I call it simply going for it. My blog is devoted to those of us who choose to go for it. Thanks, ww.

    • Yes…. love how you said “passionate pursuit of our heart’s desire” Love that you’re going for it, as we all are….