Meet Stephanie

Hi, I’m Stephanie Frank and
I’m the most unlikely geek you’ll ever meet

I don’t look like, walk like, talk like or act like a geek.  I am highly educated in persuasion, sales, computer networking, cyber intelligence, investigation, social engineering, behavior profiling, motivation, peak performance, systemics, entrepreneurship and linguistics.

I’ve built 2 multi-million dollar businesses.

Written quite a few books.

And have helped thousands of people at all levels get focused, clear and make transformations in business and life.

I am a super-fast A.D.D. thinker (my mom had me tested), fascinated by how things work and figuring out how to shortcut the next thing – to reach goals faster with more fuFullbodyblack.jpgn and less stress.

There are lots of people like me. But they don’t all use their persuasion and shortcut powers for good.  They use them to trick and manipulate other people – Social Engineering – to put it another way.

I won’t do that.  Ever.  I’m what they call an “Ethical Hacker.” I hack human behavior AND cyber systems to shortcut success so you can get more time, money, laughter and love.  (who doesn’t want that?!?)

To quote Star Wars, I love using “The Force” like Luke Skywalker to battle the evils of the oppressive Dark Side, and to show others how to use The Force for GOOD to get more time and less stress every day

The truth is this:  I’ve been a victim (oh, how I hate that word!) of identity theft, corporate theft, bullying, manipulation, mental, physical and psychological abuse. I’ve been hacked, stalked, smeared, disparaged and had lies told about me to try to wreck my reputation.

Can you relate?

But justice, truth, resilience and authenticity always prevails.

Some laughter, poetry, crafts, yoga and dogs don’t hurt either…

Anyway, I’m glad to meet you.  This page will show a little bit about my personality and if you want the facts and letters after my name, scroll down.

I hope I get to speak with you soon.

In the meantime, here’s a little more:

I love doing short trailers.  Here’s a speaking trailer…

…and here’s a preview of my newest eLearning – Digital Fortress.  (It will be in the Store soon).

I’ve designed and written a LOT of courses and books

Passionately addressed and trained people all over the world.

Speaking to entrepreneurs about Focus, Action, Systems and Team during a conference.  (I’d show you a video of me training computer engineers and technicians about TCP/IP and binary/hex conversion but it’s, well, really boring.)

Progress…not perfection (Here’s a blooper reel.  Have a laugh! You probably need one)

Here’s the Fancy Bio:

What can you learn from this real life ethical computer hacker and human behavior strategist about how to create iron-clad, shortcuts and systems that create more time and reduce your stress?

A lot!

Stephanie Frank is today’s fresh voice when it comes to systems for success.  When you have control over your behavioral, emotional and technological intelligence, you get power in your business, your work, your relationships and your life. Stephanie is a well known authority on success systems and is trained in the following human behavioral areas:

  • Linguistics (Neuro – Cognitive – Applied)
  • Personal preference profiling
  • Values Preference – Motivation
  • Entrepreneurial Style profiling
  • Positive and Applied Psychology
  • Body Language
  • Facial/Vocal Micro-Expressions
  • Organizational Systems
  • Persuasion and Ontological Coaching/Writing

She’s an uber-geek too! She has achieved the following cyber and technology certifications:

StephSnapCertified Cyber Crime Intelligence / Investigator (CCII)

Open Source Intelligence – Social Media Emphasis (OSI-SM)

Cyber Intelligence (Forensics)

Certified Ethical Hacker / Pentester

Novell’s Master CNE (Engineering) Master CNI (Instruction) (and several others)

Microsoft’s MCP, MCT and MCSE Engineering / Training (and several others)

PMG Level II NetAnalyst (TCP/IP and various testing tools trainings)

Stephanie has worked with thousands of entrepreneurs and businesses to simplify and streamline process for efficiency and profitability, generate more sales, and increase customer happiness to improve the bottom line.

She has also been called to troubleshoot hundreds of large scale networks around the world to determine sources of intrusion and to plug possible human and computer security leaks. In addition, she has worked with over 100 police departments to improve their computer systems.  She has also worked with many organizations to simplify and streamline process for efficiency and profitability.

She is President of the Holisec Group, and author of the International best-selling book, The “Accidental” Millionaire, Novell’s Guide to Troubleshooting TCP/IP and numerous training programs including Solving the Mystery Series, Success Shortcuts Series, Success IQ Formula ToDoToday:The Creative Genius’ Guide to Getting Things Done and Digital Fortress – Insider Secrets Stephlaugh2.JPG.jpgto Staying Safe Online.

She is a columnist for Inc. Magazine, and has been published in Entrepreneur Magazine, Fast Company, Forbes, Sales Excellence, and on Fox News, NBC Radio, Neil Cavuto and dozens of other media outlets. She is a regular blogger and her work is published in over 90 countries.

She is a board member for the National Resilience Institute and is also a member of the National Association for Professional Women and Women in Technology.  She is the recipient of the Microsoft Entrepreneurial Star award for excellence in business.

Stephanie loves animals, yoga, outdoors, the creative presentation of food and language.  And cookies.  And laughter. And ice cream.

She speaks fluent English, Geek, hex, binary, food, love (and sometimes Woof).

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