5 Things You Must Do If You Are Going to Transform Your Life

Okay, so things aren’t going well.  They’re not going well for a lot of people.  Many people right now are re-evaluating every context of their life.  (I know I am too). And that’s okay.   We go in cycles, we reinvent and we grow. It’s the nature of life.

I know.

It doesn’t always feel like a lot of fun, does it?  But I want to give you a few things you need to do if you want to transform how you are being in your life,  in your relationships and in your business.  Here goes:

1. Get real. If it isn’t working,it isn’t working. That goes for relationships, lines of business, hobbies, personal development – every context. If it’s not working admit it. That’s the first step. Surrender.  Give up trying to “make” it work.   Making things work has never worked, and never will.  Yet we all go through periods of trying.

2.  Decide to be in your power. If you’ve given away all of your power to another (significant other, partner, vendor, etc) and are waiting for them to take action, you’re in for trouble.  I shared a very personal story in The Accidental Millionaire about an abusive husband who I patiently waited for to change. (you can probably guess how well that went…)  Things may have turned out differently if I had stepped up and done something different.

3.  Take personal responsibility.  Here’s the truth:  If you’re not getting the results you want, it’s because your behavior and action is not in alignment with getting those results. Period. You can change it quickly if you wish.  You broke it, so you can fix it.  ‘Nuf said.

4. Stay in the present.  It does absolutely no good for you to worry about how you’re going to get through this period. Seriously.  All is does is create anxiety. You will be fine.  You’ll get through it. I promise. When I was 17, I got myself into a really bad financial and medical mess.  It was stressful and I was always worried.  It paralyzed me.  I will never forget these words of wisdom that came frommy mother at the time.  She said “If you spend the night worrying about what’s happening, you’ll wake up tired and worried.”   So give up the worry. Tomorrow is another day and it will come.

5. Reach out! I cannot stress this one enough. Strong Alpha men and women, when faced with a problem, often go inside because they are smart and can figure things out.  I can tell you this:  it takes twice or three times as long to try to figure out something (especially if you’ve never experienced it before) than it does to speak to someone who is wiser, more grounded or who cares about you.  Try it – you’ll find that people love to help.

To all of us out there who are transforming and evolving at such a rapid pace, congratulations!  You’ve chosen the path of personal understanding, of riding the roller coaster of life. You’re awake, and you’re in the top 2% of all people who are actually doing it!  Congratulations!

So be here,  be now, and enjoy the journey.  (Might as well make it a journey in a Lamborghini….)

It will all work out.


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  • Oh Stephanie, you are preaching to the choir sister!!!
    I’ve been doing lots of my own personal transformation and find it a bit difficult these days to only write about how to get visibility, how to market and position yourself better, and the whole business angle because I’m really becoming so much more committed to the personal growth path. Don’t you find that the entrepreneurial journey is a beautiful vehicle to really show us where we need to grow and reveal parts of ourselves that we may not have found in other ways.

    So here I see your blog with these amazing tips (and permission giving) for folks.

    I have always really valued your ability to be really successful, but do it in an authentic way, and this makes me dig you even more!

    Keep being true to yourself and keep on giving good stuff to the world.

    You rock!!!


    • Therese, so many people having struggle right now. But it’s a normal part of evolution. Looking forward to seeing you again soon!

  • What you say is so true, and I fought against it all for a long time trying to make things work the way I thought they should. Last Wednesday, I made the decision to change the direction of my business because my heart just wasn’t in it any more, and already I am seeing new success and opportunities appearing that never would have if I’d kept on the same path.

    • Congratulations Helena! You are doing it girl!

      • These photos are azinamg, love you Caligiuris and it’s about time you finally got married, I told Jay to put a ring on it 5 years ago lol!Love you guys,<3 Ericka

  • Denis kibebe

    Life sometimes sound cold,everything goes bad,friends expect more than i can offer,money is scarce.but as u confirmed its always good to let it go..and have some breathing space.kudos stephanie.