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You Built It.
And Now It’s Running You.
You Want More…Or Different
But You Don’t Know What To Do.

I Do.

I help business leaders safely accelerate.
More Time. More Focus. More Money. Less Stress.

Maybe you’re not making the money you’d like.

…Maybe you’ve lost that passion and drive you once had
…and you’re bouncing back from a “setback” in your personal or professional life
…Or things are just too complex
              …and you’re drowning in details, overwhelm and frustration
…Or you just can’t seem to find the right people or partners
…Or you want to have a more loving relationship
… better communication
be a better parent, spouse or boss
… Or improve your leadership and persuasion skills

Heck, maybe you’re just disillusioned, feeling duped and just need to find more time for fun.

Simply put…Your “life” is cramping your Life.

You want to simplify and clarify things.

Because your success matters.

There’s never been a better time to take the leap.

I help successful entrepreneurs and experts – people just like you—get the clarity, confidenceleadership, personal and interpersonal behavioral skills you need to be safe, strong and smart – inside and out, so you can get more time, money, laughter and love.

To get more of what you want requires you to take the life leap from management to mastery, from “accidental” to intentional – starting with focus, systems, leverage and safety.

Where would you like to start?


Focus, Clarity and Productivity – so I can get more things done!


I Have a Problem I Can’t Seem to Solve – Do You Have Something For THAT?


Online Safety for myself, family, employees and colleagues

How to have the lifestyle business you TRULY want –
without lying to yourself or anyone else.

Let’s get real.

You’re a successful, high-achieving professional or entrepreneur.  You are committed to your dreams and goals and you look the part.  Yet sometimes, you just don’t “feel” successful.

Here’s what one of my readers said:

I “have it all” according to everyone who knows me.  But the truth is this: I’m overworked, underpaid and generally unhappy, unfocused and more than a little confused about the direction of my business –  my life – my relationships – everything.  I feel like I can’t tell anyone because I would feel like a failure.

Pretty raw, huh?

Yet I hear this from high achievers, executives, entrepreneurs, moms, dads and people from all walks of life every day.

Is this you?

* You feel overwhelmed, like a slow car on life’s “fast lane”

* You are not being true to yourself and you feel like a fraud.

* Are exhausted by complexity and feel like a hamster on a wheel

* You worry that you can’t manage it all

* Are successful on the outside and feel empty on the inside

* You deal with big issues at work all day long – and wonder why you  you can’t seem to manage your own life

* Feel lonely, isolated and embarrassed

* Not sure where to turn, and wish you had a mentor to help you sort it out and find the freedom you desperately seek.

You are not alone

I was once in your shoes. People thought I was successful, happy and “had it all”.  Yet, I was drowning in secrets – my relationships were a mess, I was in over my head and I didn’t know who to talk to.

And I was too proud to ask for help.

I struggled for years until there was no choice – my health had deteriorated and I HAD to figure it out, swallow my pride and admit it wasn’t working.  And I literally started over with a commitment – to authenticity, simplicity, freedom and fun.  

And I never looked back.

It took a while, but I figured it out.

I found the balance, authenticity and focus to hit my stride.

And I can help you too.

It CAN be very different…

I documented the whole process in my best selling book, The “Accidental” Millionaire. Today I teach, speak, consult and coach executives, entrepreneurs and individuals on business and personal success and online safety.

My professional bio says: “So what can you learn about creating your perfect lifestyle from this uber-creative behaviorist, entrepreneur and real life ethical hacker?

A Lot!”

Yes, it’s true. I’m a real life Behavioral Profiler, Process Engineer, Business Strategist, Cyber Intelligence Investigator and Ethical Hacker. My weird combination of skills helps me understand and share ways you can untangle complexity to make things simpler so you can have more time, more money, more freedom and less stress.

If you want a fail safe plan to achieve success, use my friend Stephanie’s wisdom. You’ll be glad you did.Mark Victor Hansen
Chicken Soup For The Soul

What you need is a strategy and a plan

I am your virtual freedom lifestyle strategist and mentor, helping you navigate the ups and downs on the wheel of life so you can live happy, healthy, profitable and solid.

You don’t have to live a life of difficulty.  And you do NOT have to choose success over happiness because you CAN have both.

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