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What can you learn about Human and Cyber Intelligence
from this uber-creative best selling author and
real life ethical hacker?

A Lot!

Hi!  I’m Stephanie Frank, Best Selling Author of The Accidental Millionaire.  I teach, speak, consult and coach executives, entrepreneurs and individuals in the areas of behavioral and technological success.

A real life Personality Profiler, Process Engineer, Business Strategist and Cyber Intelligence Investigator, my weird combination of skills helps you plug vulnerabilities that waste time, cost money and accelerates stress.

It’s true.  If you are not achieving what you want, you have a leak in behavior, process, technology, communication or focus.  Guaranteed.  

What is not knowing costing you in time, money, energy and frustration?

I will help you find it, plug it and move on to bigger things.

– Stephanie

We Plug Vulnerability Leaks

Where Are Yours?